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The “Sharvit” company offers expert consulting in the field of inter-personal communication.

Since its founding, “Sharvit” has worked with children and youth in diverse frameworks: elementary school, high school, community centers, youth guidance and others.

Our learning system cultivates students’ sense of their own abilities for self-expression, persuasion, moral articulation, public speaking, rhetoric and more. Focused group work fosters collaboration, person-to-person interaction and leadership training.

The company offers two primary tracks: “Sharvit” for youth, and “Sharvit” for children.


Our vision is that students in elementary schools, high schools, university, and beyond, will be equipped with basic tools for success in everyday life.

These tools will foster students’ capabilities for self-expression, persuasion, messaging, speaking in front of an audience, rhetoric and more.

What We Do:

We offer leadership development workshops which encourage entrepreneurship and passion for success, operating based on the belief that each young person has the ability to be an influential citizen of Israel.

Our workshops require students to think outside of the box, practice teamwork, form a personal opinion, and develop the ability to be persuasive. In parallel, the program simultaneously imparts values, while challenging participants to explore beyond their comfort zone.

With guidance, attention, and the aid of personal relationship, every student will realize their potential.


The Sharvit learning system adds value to classroom studies, challenges students to think outside the box, and encourages cooperation.

Students gain tools for improving their interpersonal communication, creative thinking, and entrepreneurial abilities, arriving prepared for the post-high school stage of life, the army, various screening processes, national service and more. Sharvit encourages meaningful, highly motivated service.

Our experiential learning modules place emphasis on both practical and personal exercise.


Through games and exercises, both in the classroom and beyond, students acquire an entrepreneurial mindset, strong values, and new abilities in rhetoric, leadership and interpersonal communication.

Participants gain a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, and how to grow.

The Debate Experience:

Through group work and one-on-one exercises, students learn how to form a strong reasoned opinion and support it through respectful argument.

Participants will recognize that there are “two sides to every coin,” the importance of respecting diversity, and the power of making a strong point.

Students will acquire tools which will help them to excel when faced with major junctions in life and in decision making. They will recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and how to grow stronger.

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Address: HaShiryon 7, Rosh HaAyin, Israel 4804307

Office: 03-9025553

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The Sharvit Company is looking for students post-army to guide programs in schools and various other frameworks.

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